Walking naked in QC? Think twice or you'll be fined

MANILA, Philippines – Feeling the heat of the metro and thinking of taking your shirt off? Pause and think twice if you're in Quezon City,

The QC Council passed City Ordinance 2623-2017 banning residents from roaming naked in public places. It was authored by Council Ranulfo Ludovica and is anchored on "propriety and social behavior that must be acceptable and morally correct and proper."

"There are people oblivious to the senses, feelings, and emotions of others who are displaying, walking or roaming around in public places topless, bottomless or completely naked. Naked persons in public places erode decency, exacerbates disorder, and set a bad example to children," the ordinance said.

Those caught will be fined P1,000 or will be imposed community service for 3 days in the barangay where the resident lives for the first offense; P1,500 or community service for 5 days for the second offense; and P3,000 or an imprisonment for 6 months for the 3rd offense.

For 4th and subsequent offense, those who will be apprehended will be imposed a fine of P5,000 or an imprisonment of 1 year or more depending on the decision of the courts.

Mentally ill people caught in violation of the ordinance will be apprehended but will be exempt from any penalties.

In 2004, the Metro Manila Development Authority fined men who roamed shirtless around the metro.– Aika Rey/Rappler.com