A day of reckoning: Netizens celebrate guilty verdict in Ampatuan massacre case

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MANILA, Philippines – Finally, justice is served.

After a decade, Ampatuan brothers Datu Andal Jr and Zaldy were convicted of 57 counts of murder in the 2009 Ampatuan massacre and were sentenced to reclusion perpetua without parole. Their other brother Datu Sajid Islam Ampatuan was acquitted.

Shorty after the guilty verdict, hashtags #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict and #AmpatuanMassacre topped the Twitter trending topics in the Philippines.

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Social media users posted their appreciation for Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes, thanking her for her "courage and sacrifices" while others wished for her safety.

Two women serving justice for the crimes of men. That's it. That's the decade. #ImpeachmentDay #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict pic.twitter.com/JtztpifT4H — Joms (@jomszj) December 19, 2019 Let's take a moment to appreciate Judge Solis' courage and sacrifices in accepting the Ampatuan Massacre case, she worked her ass off for the past 10 years. Now, justice has been finally served. #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict — cubie (@jvincentquiobe) December 19, 2019 Let’s continue to pray for the safety of the Lawyers of the defendants, especially the Judge who held the final verdict. These powerful Ampatuan clan won’t stop for sure, til they get their family members out of jail. #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict — rahnella (@ellyyybee) December 19, 2019 Hands down para sa judge na humarap at humatol sa mga ampatuan — R. (@deactivatedmind) December 19, 2019 "The case was raffled off to Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes in December 2009 after Judge Luisito Cortez refused to take it on out of fear for his and his family's safety. " GRABE. NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR THIS STRONG WOMAN. #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict — mardy bum (@trishsales) December 19, 2019 Gonna tell my kids these were the bravest judges in Philippines: Late and Former RTC Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago, Ret. Judge Harriet Demetriu & Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes. #MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict pic.twitter.com/xP623ovXJw — Ryan Kazmi (@meryankazmi) December 19, 2019

The Ampatuan massacre, which killed 58 people, 32 of them journalists, is said to be the deadliest attack on media in the world. (READ: Did prosecution do enough? Ampatuan massacre verdict out today)

Here are more tweets about the verdict:

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