The impeachment vote in tweets: #CoronaTrial

By Russell Shepherd and Maria A. Ressa

This is the entire community of Twitter users who used #CoronaTrial on May 29, 2012. It is a network based and visual analysis of the social media conversation on judgment day of the Corona Impeachment Trial. 

You can zoom in to explore the communities that formed around each account and see how they link to others. This map may take a while to load because of the large data sets. 


This is a social network analysis based visualization of data collected from Twitter during the 44th and last day of the impeachment trial of former Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. May 29, 2012 was the day the senator-judges gave their judgment – shown live on radio, television and the internet. What you see above is a network connecting users who retweeted or tweeted-at each other using #CoronaTrial, the hashtag used by 3 news organizations – Philippine Daily Inquirer, TV5’s social media accounts, and Rappler.

For the full picture of how this community using #CoronaTrial fits into the larger Filipino Twitter community, click here for an analysis of frequency of tweets and to see the main influencers using this hashtag.
Click here to see the entire community which used #CJonTrial.


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