Looking back: The 1996 APEC Villas

The Philippine capital region is pulling out all the stops for the concluding events of the 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit next week.

World leaders are expected to converge in Manila for the regional meet – the second time the Philippines is hosting the annual gathering.

The first time was in 1996, under the presidency of Fidel Ramos, who chose Subic Bay, a former US naval base turned freeport and industry hub, as the site of the summit.

To impress the delegates, the government prepared 21 luxurious villas overlooking Triboa Bay for the one-day use of 18 heads of state.
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Nineteen years later, the million-dollar mansions which once housed prominent guests are now the private homes of those who can afford the steep price tag. – Rappler.com