Human rights group protects taxi driver in Carl Arnaiz case

MANILA, Philippines – Tomas Bagcal, the taxi driver who said he was robbed by slain teenager Carl Angelo Arnaiz, is being protected by a human rights group.

Rise Up for Life and for Rights released a statement through Facebook on Saturday, September 9, saying Bagcal sought the group's protection last Monday, September 4.

The group's statement read, "Rise Up has responded in the affirmative to the request of the family for protective custody and provided sanctuary during the period of Mr Bagcal's serious discernment, soul searching, and firm decision-making."

Bagcal is seen as a possible witness in the death of Arnaiz, whose autopsy findings suggest he may have been tortured before his death.

Bagcal has submitted two sworn affidavits providing contrasting details of his alleged robbery.

In the first testimony, the driver claimed he did not remember the appearance of his hijacker. His second testimony, however, gives details particular to what Arnaiz wore when he was killed: a black sweatshirt with a hood, a black hat, and blue denim short pants, along with a bag.  –