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Universities launch COVID-19 vaccination programs

Bonz Magsambol
Universities launch COVID-19 vaccination programs
Here's a list of universities that have launched their own vaccination drives

In a bid to protect their communities against the severe effects of COVID-19, universities across the country have launched their own vaccination programs.

On May 18, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Prospero de Vera III said that “many big universities” expressed interest in buying their own COVID-19 vaccines.

De Vera said that the government coronavirus task force would discuss the prioritization of students in the government’s vaccination program so they could get some normalcy back into the education sector.

Philippine schools have stopped in-person classes for over a year now, forcing students and teachers to shift to remote learning. However, the implementation of distance education has been widely criticized as the country appears not to be fully prepared for it. (READ: FAST FACTS: CHED’s flexible learning)

Online learning during the pandemic has affected students and faculty, both physically and mentally.

Here are the universities that have launched their own vaccination drives:


On May 27, Ateneo de Manila University President Father Roberto Yap announced in a memorandum that the university has formally launched its vaccination program to “provide added protection to the members of our community against the severe effects of COVID-19” and to help “NCR Plus” attain “population protection.”

Ateneo said that it initially ordered 18,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

“Despite our intent to cover all members of the community in this program, the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines constrains the University to administer the vaccines to members of the community who are 18 years old and above, and with their corresponding informed consent,” the memo read.

Ateneo listed four priority groups for the vaccination:

  • Group 1: employees
  • Group 2: independent contractors, such as researchers, guest lecturers, and employees of the affiliate units
  • Group 3: university students
  • Group 4: eligible dependents of Group 1

The university said that the vaccination site for eligible recipients will be at the Loyola Schools Covered Courts.

In compliance with the Department of Labor and Employment, Ateneo said that it will subsidize the cost of the vaccine and its administration for its eligible employees under Group I.

“The other groups shall make their payments for the vaccine and its administration in favor of the University for advancing the payment of the vaccines to the supplier and the vaccine administrator’s service fee, except for scholars whose cost of vaccination shall be fully subsidized by the University,” it added.

Eligible vaccine recipients can enlist in this form. Learn more about Ateneo’s vaccination program here.


On June 9, De La Salle University (DLSU) launched its own vaccination drive to senior high school, undergraduate, graduate, and College of Law students.

DLSU advised members of its community to wait for further details of the vaccination procedures. For the meantime, students who are willing to take part in the vaccination drive can pre-register through this link.

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Bonz Magsambol

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