WATCH: Visita Iglesia 2019

MANILA, Philippines – For Catholic devotees, the Holy Week custom of Visita Iglesia is part of the annual solemn commemoration of Jesus Christ’s passion and death.

Usually done on Maundy Thursday, the initial purpose of Visita Iglesia was to honor the Blessed Sacrament, but the faithfuls' tradition then morphed into a form of pilgrimage and meditation in which the faithful visit at least 7 churches. (READ: 8 beautiful Metro Manila churches for Visita Iglesia)

In this video, the Society of St. Paul’s Philippines – Macau brings us to the churches of the Archdiocese of Nueva Caceres. (READ: WATCH: Stations of the Cross 2019)

The religious congregation invites Catholics to join this tradition for a meaningful celebration and reflection on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The theme for this year’s Visita Iglesia stems from the teaching that Jesus is the Bread of Life. The Society of St. Paul’s Philippines - Macau also based their 2019 content on the Church’s celebration of the Year of the Youth. (READ: Touring Albay's churches through Visita Iglesia)

The churches featured in this virtual Visita Iglesia are the following:

Watch the video here–