WATCH: Walking towards Mary and Jesus during Traslacion

MANILA, Philippines – It is not yet midnight but devotees of the Black Nazarene know that to catch a glimpse of Mary and Jesus in the San Sebastian Church means half the work is waiting.

Considered a highlight of the day-long procession, the Image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel meets the Image of the Black Nazarene outside the San Sebastian church for the "Dungaw."

The meeting commemorates the moment when Mary met a suffering Jesus on his way to Calvary.

To get to San Sebastian, devotees coming from the Quiapo church cross crowded streets carrying with them their prayers. Each step another chance to receive blessing from blessed replicas of the Black Nazarene statue.

Once in front of the San Sebastian Church, devotees will stake their claim on spots they took a day to walk towards.

Sofia Tomacruz files this report. –

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