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WATCH: Workers call for decent wages, job security on Labor Day
WATCH: Workers call for decent wages, job security on Labor Day
Labor groups and advocates troop to Mendiola to continue to call for better working conditions in the Philippines. Rappler's Michelle Abad files this report.

MANILA, Philippines – Thousands of workers and advocates gathered in Manila on Monday, May 1, to call for decent wages, jobs for all, and the upholding of workers’ rights on the first Labor Day under the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

While the labor groups and their allies held a demonstration in the capital, Marcos went on an official visit to the United States. The groups nonetheless marched from España Boulevard to Mendiola, and called on the President and his administration to pay attention to the plight of Filipino workers. (READ: Groups question Marcos’ meeting with Biden over workers on Labor Day)

Around 1,000 cops were deployed to Mendiola, according to ground commander Police Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Mupas of the Manila Police District. The MPD’s crowd estimate was at 2,000 in Mendiola, but labor groups said the participants in the demonstration reached around 15,000.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government holds various job fairs nationwide. Some job applicants at the Department of Migrant Workers’ overseas job fair said that they are applying for work abroad due to low salaries and their hopes to better support their families.

Reporter: Michelle Abad
Production specialist: Errol Almario