WATCH: 'Slave' Eudocia is 'Cosiang' to her family in Tarlac

TARLAC, Philippines – The Atlantic's "My Family's Slave," which featured the life of Eudocia Tomas Pulido as an unpaid househelp to a Filipino family in America, stirred so much controversy and opened debates to modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and race.

In the hilly town of Mayantoc in the province of Tarlac, Eudocia's relatives say they've always had a hint that she was not being paid but they never had a chance to discuss it with her because their communication was cut off for a long time. (READ: Finding Eudocia Pulido in her hometown in Tarlac)

In Mayantoc, they call her "Cosiang" and this is what they have to say. –