Metro Manila heat could hit 40˚C over the weekend
Metro Manila heat could hit 40˚C over the weekend
State weather bureau PAGASA says 'apparent' temperature in Metro Manila could go as high as 40.2˚C on Friday, May 22


MANILA, Philippines – If the heat in the past days already felt unbearable,  Metro Manila residents should brace for an even hotter weekend as state weather bureau PAGASA warned that “apparent” temperatures could rise up to 40˚C.

PAGASA on Friday morning, May 22, released its 5-day heat index for 13 areas.

The heat index, according to PAGASA, refers to the “apparent” temperature or what humans perceive or feel as the temperature affecting their body. A high index is a result of high air temperatures and high relative humidity.

T in Celsius T in Farenheit Heat Index (Human Discomfort Index)
27–32°C 80-90°F Caution
Fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and activity.
Continuing activity could result to heat cramps.
32–41°C 90–105°F Extreme Caution
Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are possible.
Continuing activity could result to heat stroke.
41–54°C 105-130°F Danger
Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are likely;
Heat stroke is probable with continued activity.
Over 54°C Over 130°F Extreme Danger
Heat stroke is imminent.

Metro Manila could experience a heat index of up to 40.2˚C on Friday, 40.1˚C on Saturday, May 23, and 39.2˚C on Sunday, May 24.

At least for the next 5 days, the forecast shows Tuguegarao City could experience the highest heat index in the country at 40.8˚C on Saturday.

Heat Index FRIDAY, MAY 22
CITIES Minimum Maximum
Metro Manila 30.6˚C 40.2˚C
Tuguegarao City 27.9˚C 40.6˚C
Laoag City  30.5˚C 39.1˚C 
Baguio City  16.1˚C 24.6˚C
SBMA 26.6˚C 33.8˚C 
Legaspi City 30.9˚C  38.3˚C 
Puerto Princesa City 29.6˚C 39.4˚C
Iloilo/Bacolod City 30.5˚C   39.1˚C
Metro Cebu 32.2˚C 39.6˚C
Tacloban City  31.1˚C 37.0˚C
Cagayan De Oro City 26.8˚C 36.3˚C
Metro Davao 29.4˚C 37.4˚C 
Zamboanga City 29.3˚C 38.6˚C 
Heat Index SATURDAY, MAY 23
CITIES Minimum Maximum
Metro Manila 29.8˚C 40.1˚C
Tuguegarao City 27.8˚C 40.8˚C
Laoag City  29.5˚C  38.2˚C
Baguio City  15.6˚C 25.2˚C
SBMA 27.4˚C 35.5˚C 
Legaspi City 30.8˚C 38.0˚C
Puerto Princesa City 29.5˚C 39.1˚C
Iloilo/Bacolod City 30.4˚C 38.7˚C
Metro Cebu 31.6˚C  39.4˚C 
Tacloban City  30.2˚C  37.4˚C
Cagayan De Oro City 26.7˚C  36.5˚C 
Metro Davao 29.0˚C  36.6˚C
Zamboanga City 28.9˚C  39.2˚C 
Heat Index SUNDAY, MAY 24
CITIES Minimum Maximum
Metro Manila 29.6˚C 39.2˚C
Tuguegarao City 28.3˚C 40.6˚C 
Laoag City  29.4˚C 38.1˚C
Baguio City  15.2˚C 23.8˚C
SBMA 24.5˚C  31.5˚C 
Legaspi City 30.2˚C 38.8˚C
Puerto Princesa City 29.4˚C  38.4˚C
Iloilo/Bacolod City 30.9˚C 38.2˚C
Metro Cebu 30.6˚C  38.0˚C 
Tacloban City  30.0˚C 36.4˚C 
Cagayan De Oro City 26.5˚C 36.1˚C 
Metro Davao 28.8˚C  36.9˚C
Zamboanga City 29.1˚C  37.9˚C
Heat Index MONDAY, MAY 25
CITIES Minimum Maximum
Metro Manila 29.4˚C 39.1˚C
Tuguegarao City 28.1˚C 39.1˚C
Laoag City  29.1˚C 38.1˚C
Baguio City  15.4˚C 23.9˚C
SBMA 25.3˚C 31.7˚C
Legaspi City 30.1˚C 38.0˚C
Puerto Princesa City 29.4˚C  38.6˚C
Iloilo/Bacolod City 29.9˚C 38.0˚C
Metro Cebu 30.8˚C 39.1˚C 
Tacloban City  29.7˚C  37.2˚C
Cagayan De Oro City 27.0˚C 37.0˚C
Metro Davao 29.3˚C 37.8˚C 
Zamboanga City 29.1˚C 38.3˚C 
Heat Index TUESDAY, MAY 26
CITIES Minimum Maximum
Metro Manila 29.0˚C 38.9˚C 
Tuguegarao City 28.4˚C 39.9˚C 
Laoag City 30.0˚C 37.4˚C
Baguio City 15.8˚C 24.2˚C 
SBMA 24.3˚C 30.4˚C
Legaspi City 30.4˚C 38.2˚C
Puerto Princesa City 29.4˚C  38.1˚C 
Iloilo/Bacolod City 30.0˚C  38.0˚C 
Metro Cebu 31.0˚C 39.2˚C
Tacloban City 29.8˚C  37.5˚C 
Cagayan De Oro City 28.0˚C  37.3˚C 
Metro Davao 29.8˚C  37.8˚C 
Zamboanga City 29.0˚C  38.5˚C 

How can Filipinos beat the heat? PAGASA gave the following tips:

  1. Stay indoors as much as possible, if air conditioning is not available, stay on the lowest floor out, of the sunshine.
  2. Wear lightweight and light colored clothing. Light colors will reflect the sun’s energy.
  3. Drink plenty of water regularly. The body needs water to keep cool.
  4. Water is the safest liquid to drink during heat emergencies. Avoid drinking liquor because it dehydrates the body.
  5. Eat small meals; however, eat more often. Avoid eating food high in protein which can increase metabolic heat.

Do you have other ways to keep it cool this summer? Tell us in the comments section below. – Jee Y. Geronimo/

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