What to keep in a disaster kit

MANILA, Philippines – During disasters, it’s always best to have an emergency kit handy – whether to keep at home or to bring with you when you have to leave your homes.

The Philippine Red Cross says individuals can survive without food for 5 days so long as there is water intake. As a result, 1 gallon or less than 4 liters of water per person per day should be prepared – one liter for drinking and 3 liters for washing.

Bring along easy to prepare and non-perishable food such as dried fruit, canned goods, crackers, granola bars, sausages. Food should be good for 3 days consumption of every family member.

In addition, other useful emergency tools include:


Likeswise, the Red Cross suggests “personal effects and hygiene kits” such as:


Documents and money are also crucial and these are better kept in a plastic envelope.

Birth certificates, insurance certificates, passports, among others, are also good to bring along.

Mobile phones and chargers, house keys and car keys, can openers, towels, medicine and other medical supplies could be included in a disaster kit.

“Wear sturdy shoes just in case you need to walk through rubble and debris. Small toys, games or materials are important too as they will provide some comfort and entertainment during stressful times,” the Red Cross says. – Rappler.com