What's the Big Idea? Rey Ileto: History and Duterte through un-Americanized eyes

MANILA, Philippines – A new book by the author of the 1979 book "Pasyon and Revolution" will soon be in bookstores.

"What's the Big Idea" anchor Coco Alcuaz finds out the big idea behind the new book, "Knowledge and Pacification" that, like the first book, takes apart American influence on Philippine society.

Author and historian Rey Ileto tackles how American occupation casts a long shadow on the lives of Filipinos through the archetype "boss mayor." 

He allows readers a chance to view today's top boss mayor, President Rodrigo, through the lens of history and contextualizes the President's anti-Americanism as a ripple-effect of that tumultuous yet defining era in history. – Rappler.com