New evidence in Jonas Burgos case

Burgos' mother asks the Supreme Court to have his case referred back to the Court of Appeals for further hearing

NEW EVIDENCE? This photo of Jonas Burgos was allegedly taken after his abduction in 2007.Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Days after a court found the military accountable for his disappearance, the case of Jonas Burgos is not about to die down. His mother asked the Supreme Court on Monday, April 1 to admit new evidence and have his case referred back to the Court of Appeals for further hearing.

Edita Burgos filed a petition asking the SC to reassign the case of his son to the CA following “new” documentary evidence that she said would prove that an intelligence unit of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and the 56th Infantry Battalion seized Jonas on April 28, 2007 at the Ever Gotesco Mall in Quezon City.

The reported new pieces of evidence include a supposed apprehension report, a psycho-social processing report and an autobiography of Jonas Burgos, son of the late press freedom icon Joe Burgos. Burgos was allegedly seized by the military on suspicion that he is a member of the communist New People’s Army. (Read: Why would the Army abduct Jonas Burgos?)

“They are all copies of ‘confidential’  official reports on file with the Philippine Army,” the petition said.

Mrs. Burgos also showed to the media a photo of Jonas which was allegedly taken after his abduction in 2007.

Mrs. Burgos said the new pieces of evidence “fell into their lap” and were given by a source who is “not completely associated with the military.” 

THEY DID IT. Edita Burgos said the new pieces of evidence would show the military's hand in the abduction of his son. Photo by Rappler/Purple S. Romero

The sealed documents were submitted to the Court.

Mrs. Burgos said they want the SC to validate the names in the documents with a list submitted to Court in 2011.

The SC, in its resolution dated July 5, 2011, required the military to submit the list of the officers of the 56th IB, 69th IB and 7th infantry division who held their respective posts from June 2004 to June 2007. 

“The newly discovered evidence will prove that the officers and enlisted personnel of the particular unit of the 7th ID and the 56th IB are responsible for the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos,” Mrs. Burgos said in the petition. 

The CA has already held one of the officers “responsible” for abduction of Jonas Burgos. 

The CA, in a decision dated March 18, said former Lt. Harry Baliaga was responsible for the enforced disappearance of Burgos. Baliaga belonged to the Army’s 56th infantry battalion based in Bulacan when Burgos was seized.

The military however has repeatedly denied its involvement in the abduction of Burgos, who turned 43 last March 29. –


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