Newsbreak Chats: Doing journalism under lockdown
Newsbreak Chats: Doing journalism under lockdown
On Thursday, May 28, the team discusses how journalists navigate a restrictive quarantine and deal with the challenges it poses

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MANILA, Philippines – The coronavirus pandemic undeniably pushed the news cycle into overdrive, far more intense than how it’s already been. 

Unlike other crises that hit the Philippines and the world, the pandemic proved to be a logistical nightmare for many journalists. Lockdowns declared by governments prevented journalists from freely going to the field and talking to people – among other issues that emerged in the past few months. 

Beyond access, journalists are constantly worried about the invisible enemy – the coronavirus itself. 

But stories and controveries do not stop. And like other workers around the world, journalists adapt to changes in the environment to continue pursuing stories and hold people to account, especially in tough times. 

On Thursday, May 28, the team will discuss how journalists navigate and continue doing their job during the pandemic, the challenges they face, and lessons they’ve learned in the past 3 months. 

The discussion with Rappler police reporter Rambo Talabong, justice reporter Lian Buan, and foreign affairs reporter Sofia Tomacruz will be moderated by investigative desk head Chay Hofileña.

How different is pursuing stories from our desks? Are online press conferences a downgrade from physical ones? What’s the value of journalists at this time when government officials insist that critical media is a bane.

Join us on Thursday afternoon for the discussion. Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Twitter (@newsbreakph) if you have any questions!


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