Some pilgrims go home ‘disappointed’ for not seeing Pope Francis
How do some pilgrims feel after coming home without seeing the Pope?

MANILA, Philippines – Bad weather and huge crowds prevent some pilgrims from seeing Pope Francis during his visit to the Philippines. After coming all the way to Manila for a sighting of the Pontiff, how do they feel coming home empty handed?

David Lozada reports.

The bad weather and the millions of people present made it impossible for all the Catholic faithfuls present here in Luneta to hear Pope Francis’ Concluding Mass. Some pilgrims go home disappointed – they neither saw the pontiff during his motorcade nor even heard his message.

Some families in Luneta chose to stay inside establishments to escape the rain and some even went home.

As early as Saturday morning, many pilgrims already camped in areas near Quirino grandstand. They endured the cold night and hours long wait just to get a glimpse of Pope Francis.

One devotee tells us the hardships she went through just to see Pope Francis.

CHRISTINE DELA CRUZ, DEVOTEE FROM DASMARIÑAS CAVITE: Gabi pa kami dito ng 1 am, excited na makita si pope. Kaya lang hindi namin nakita. Disappointed pero siyempre happy ka na kasi kahit papaano kahit sa giant screen, nakita mo si pope. Once in a lifetime lang mangyari yun. (We were here since 1 am excited to see the pope. But we didn’t see him. We’re disappointed but still happy. At least we saw him in the big screen. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion.)

Tomorrow, Monday, January 19, Pope Francis returns to Rome. It’s not yet sure whether the Charismatic Catholic leader will visit the Philippines again. If he decides to do so, those who missed the chance to see him this year will welcome him with open arms. David Lozada, Rappler, Manila. –