MAPS: COVID-19 in the Philippines

MAPS: COVID-19 in the Philippines
(2nd UPDATE) See the extent of the pandemic across the country

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the Philippines more than a year after the first case was reported.

As of early October, over 2.5 million cases have been confirmed, and around 1 in 18 cases is active or currently sick. That’s about 5.6% of cases.

Shown in the maps below is the current extent of the pandemic across the country.

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New cases

The map below shows the risk classification of provinces and independent cities based on the average daily attack rate (ADAR) or the average number of new cases per 100,000 people in the area paired with the growth rate of cases in the last two weeks.

Darker colors mean a positive growth rate or an increasing trend in cases in the last two weeks, while lighter colors mean a negative growth rate or a decreasing trend.

The ADAR risk classifications mirror what the Department of Health uses in its regular national situation reports.

Active cases

Using the navigation buttons below, switch between the map for active cases per city or town, and the map for active cases per 100,000 people by province and major city.

Total cases

The provinces and major cities below are shaded in terms of the number of total cases per 100,000 people per area.


Switch between the map for the number of deaths per city or town, the map for deaths per 100,000 people per province or major city, and the map for case fatality rate (share of deaths among total cases) per area using the navigation buttons below.

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