FALSE: These photos do not show Duterte celebrating start of 2019 in 'simple style'

Photos that have been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter at the beginning of January 2019 claim to show Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte having a “simple” New Year's celebration. A reverse search reveals, however, that the photos were taken in December 2016.

The posts, including this one on Facebook and this one Twitter show photos of Duterte relaxing inside a home.

Below is a screenshot of the Facebook post:

(Screenshot of Facebook post)

“PRRD” are the initials for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the southern city of Davao is his hometown.

The tweet shows the same photos. Here is a screenshot:

(Screenshot of tweet)

The tweet, when translated to English, says: “Welcoming the new year of 2019, a very simple person, wearing only sandals, even helping out in the kitchen, talking to maids. We love you Mayor President Duterte, Happy New Year to everyone. God bless to our President, God bless Philippines”.

A reverse search traced the photos back to an article published by local news organization Rappler on December 26, 2016.

The article says the photos show Duterte at his home celebrating his first Christmas as president. Duterte was sworn in as the nation’s leader on June 30, 2016.

A Facebook post on December 27, 2016, also shared the same photos.

Here is a screenshot:

(Screenshot of Facebook post)

The post, when translated to English, says: “He is still simple up until now. He wears sandals, he even washes the dishes. This is what the elitists, the oligarchs and the paid media whose urine is yellow will never understand”.

Yellow is the color of the main opposition party, the Liberal Party. – Rappler.com