Jose Calida given ‘demonic’ nickname on Wikipedia, but it doesn’t stick

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Attempts to call Jose Calida 'Joe' and 'Demonyo' on Wikipedia do not pass muster against established Wikipedia editors

Attempts to make alterations to the Wikipedia page of Solicitor General Jose Calida appeared to fail this week, following his successful push to have the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) order media giant ABS-CBN to cease operations. Lawmakers, media, and ordinary citizens alike have called the network’s closure unconstitutional and an attack on press freedom

The Wikipedia edit history for Jose Calida’s page points to attempts to add a nickname to his profile there.

At least 3 different IP addresses were used to try to make anonymous mobile edits pertaining to Calida’s nickname. 

On May 5, attempts were made to add “Joe” to his name, but these were reverted, also by what appears to be a separate anonymous mobile edit

On May 6 and 7, attempts were then made to call him Jose “Demonyo” (Demon) Calida instead. 

DEFACEMENT ATTEMPT. Wikipedia defacers try to nickname Jose Calida as 'Demonyo.' Screenshot from Wikipedia edit history.


However, these attempts were also quickly reverted by editors named Jollibinay and PlumeKnight. Plumeknight wrote down with the most recent edit on the history that “a derogatory word is added to the name of this government official.”

Jose Calida’s Wikipedia page is currently nickname-free as of May 8 –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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