Lewd gov't official verbally harasses reporter

Which government official is known to make open advances to women?

One reporter was verbally harassed by a top government official, following a Senate hearing on an issue that made headlines months ago.

The reporter was newly assigned to cover the government official then, and made formal introductions after the hearing.

According to those familiar with what happened, the reporter went down to the designated smoking area and saw the official with other administrators under his office.

The official lit the reporter's cigarette – to her surprise. He briefly discussed with her the nuances of the issue tackled during the hearing, then proposed plans to his administrators on how their offices could move forward.

When the official was about to leave, he leaned towards the reporter for a buss on the cheek and whispered to her ear, "I like your body."

Shocked by what happened, the reporter was speechless. The official proceeded to motion his hands over his chest up and down, in what appeared to be a reference to the reporter's breasts. He smiled sheepishly as he gestured.

After the official left, he sent a text message to the reporter, saying, "Hi".

Sources familiar with the official said they're not surprised by his behavior. They said he has a habit of pausing in the middle of press briefings to "compliment" female reporters on their looks. In some cases, he has even kissed or held their hands longer than normal.

The official may soon move to another coveted post and bring his wild desires with him. Watch out! – Rappler.com