The President's new fancy

She's been with him on several flights abroad. Top government officials and the usual presidential entourage know how she looks – a la Marian Rivera – but probably don't know her name. But it's not what you're thinking; the President doesn't bring her along like some kind of a traveling companion.

Our unimpeachable sources say our bachelor leader seems smitten with a pretty stewardess who's been assigned to the most recent presidential flights. They've been seen in animated powwows on the plane. And he's apparently stopped dating the lady previously linked to him, who's working in a government department.

No wonder he's always upbeat after every trip abroad. As we always say, whatever makes you happy, Mr President!


Recall the debate that never was between Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV? The senator took the offensive and made a big issue about the VP backing out and not keeping his word. After all, it was Binay himself who challenged Trillanes, a former soldier and a non-lawyer, to a one-on-one debate to respond to corruption allegations hurled against the Vice President in a Senate investigation. You will recall the debate was supposed to be organized by the Kapisan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and was set for November 27.

One of Binay's advisers first egged him on, telling him, "Hamunin mo ng debate, lalampasuhin mo yan." (Challenge him to a debate. You'll clobber him.) But not everyone in the Binay circle was in agreement. Navotas Representative Toby Tiangco and members of the Binay family were said to not be in favor of the Vice President pushing through with the duel. 

During one meeting facilitated by the KBP, Binay spokesman and Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla reportedly spelled out one condition, what they considered a deal-breaker. Guess what? "Bawal ang PowerPoint." (Powerpoints are prohibited.) What's with Powerpoint presentations? This led one from the opposing camp to quip afterwards, "Eh ang Keynote puwede?" (How about a Keynote presentation, is that permissible?) –