Dela Rosa's son might get kicked out from PNP Academy

GENERAL'S SON. PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa's only son Rock (center) is in danger of being kicked out from the PNP Academy. File photo by Bea Cupin/Rappler

GENERAL'S SON. PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa's only son Rock (center) is in danger of being kicked out from the PNP Academy.

File photo by Bea Cupin/Rappler

It seems sharing the same family name as the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) isn't always a good thing when you're a cadet in the police academy.

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa on Thursday, March 22, admitted that his only son Rock, who entered the PNP Academy (PNPA) in 2017, is in danger of being kicked out over low grades in two subjects.

"That's normal. When I was a plebe in the [Philippine Military Academy], I underwent removals for mathematics.... For my son, it's not just one but two subjects so he has to make up for that," said Dela Rosa in a press conference.

"Removals" refers to the process in which cadets are given a chance to review subjects where they got low grades. Cadets then take a removal exam. If they pass it, they pass the subject. Fail the exam, and they fail in the academy as well.

Cadets are only allowed to fail one subject, after which they must "turn back" or repeat an entire year. If a cadet fails two subjects, he or she must leave the academy. (READ: Tough-talking Dela Rosa nervous about son's PNPA entry)

"I told him to review well for his removal exam. He has to pass the removal exam, otherwise he will be dismissed if he doesn't pass. I was there yesterday, I advised him to review well since nobody will take care of his future except for himself," said Dela Rosa, who added that if his son would fail, they would welcome him back with "open arms."

Rock took the PNPA entrance test in 2016, months after his father was appointed chief of the 170,000-strong PNP.

"I told him it's a little embarrassing if you don't pass removals since [you were] already a degree holder before entering the academy. But we understand the situation, the academics in a civilian university is different from a police academy so I understand perfectly his situation," said the elder Dela Rosa, a 4-star police general.

Although he is chief of the PNP, Dela Rosa has no direct control over the PNPA, which is under the Philippine Public Safety College. The PNPA is where the PNP, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) source most of their commissioned officers.

Dela Rosa is a graduate of the PMA Class of 1986, despite heading the civilian PNP. This is because the PNP's predecessor is the Philippine Constabulary (PC), a now-defunct branch of the military. PC officers were given the option to stay in the military or join the civilian PNP when it was created in 1991. (LOOK: Bato, Rock dela Rosa as PMA, PNPA plebes)

Dela Rosa was supposed to retire in January 2018, when he turned 56, but President Rodrigo Duterte decided to extend his term.

Rock, barring any failed subjects and delays, is set to graduate in 2021. –