ANIMATION: How do Filipinos observe Holy Week?

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ANIMATION: How do Filipinos observe Holy Week?
Ever wondered why the dates for Holy Week change? Check out this video!

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published in April 2017. Rappler is updating and republishing this to mark Holy Week 2018. 

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Every year, Filipino Catholics mark Holy Week. How did this practice begin? Why do its dates change every year? And how do Filipinos observe it?

Learn more about how we observe Holy Week by checking out the links below:

Holy Week is a moveable feast whose date is based on a practice called the computus. (READ: Why the Holy Week has no fixed dates)

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, here’s how the Catholic faithful in the Philippines observe the Holy Week. (READ: Overview: Holy Week traditions in the Philippines)

A highlight of the observance in the Philippines is the procession of the statues and figures commemorating the Passion of Christ: (READ: The cast of characters in Holy Week processions

Holy Week superstitions in the Philippines also combine religion with some folk beliefs (READ: Holy Week superstitions in the Philippines). –

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