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What sectors, causes do 2019 party-list groups aim to represent?

Michael Bueza
Rappler groups the 134 party-list organizations running in the 2019 polls based on their declared advocacies, agenda, and group membership

MANILA, Philippines – In the May 13, 2019, midterm elections, voters will choose only one party-list group among the 134 organizations vying for 59 seats in the House of Representatives.

After the polls, winning groups send one to 3 nominees to the House, based on the total votes they received.

While many nominees are indeed from marginalized and underrepresented sectors, some powerful politicians and members of political dynasties are attempting to take a shortcut to Congress through the party-list system.

Therefore, it is important to get to know the party lists better.

The organizations’ advocacies range from helping poor families to promoting workers’ welfare, and from aiding the elderly to empowering the youth. 

This is Rappler’s own categorization of the 134 party-list organizations in the 2019 elections. We list first the national, regional, and local political parties, based on a list by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as of July 2018.

The rest are grouped based on their declared advocacies and agenda in documents, news reports, and official social media accounts or websites, as well as the groups’ composition or membership.

The list below is arranged by category, then by the order of the groups’ appearance on the ballot.

We will update this article as soon as further information from Comelec comes in.

National Political Parties

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(001) BAYAN MUNA Bayan Muna
(014) ANAKPAWIS Anakpawis
(087) BUHAY Buhay Hayaan Yumabong
(088) AKBAYAN Akbayan Citizens Action Party
(126) PLM Partido Lakas ng Masa
(168) FFP Filipino Family Party
(181) AA-KASOSYO PARTY Kasosyo Producer-Consumer Exchange Association, Inc


Regional Political Parties

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(038) AKO AN BISAYA Ako An Bisaya
(051) AKMA-PTM Aksyon Magsasaka-Partido Tinig ng Masa (AKMA PTM)
(065) UNIDO Union of Nationalistic Democratic Filipino Organization
(071) 1-ANG EDUKASYON Una ang Edukasyon
(094) METRO Movement for Economic Transformation and Righteous Opportunities
(099) TINGOG SINIRANGAN Tingog Sinirangan
(141) AKO BICOL Ako Bicol Political Party
(150) BHW Barangay Health Wellness
(152) AKO PADAYON Ako Padayon Pilipino
(175) PBB Partido ng Bayan ang Bida


Local Political Parties

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(049) ABEKA Abe Kapampangan (ABEKA), Inc
(089) PARTIDO SANDUGO Partido Sandugo



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(004) PEACE Philippine Educators Alliance for Community Empowerment
(017) PTA Parents Teachers Alliance
(023) ASEAN Academicians, Students and Educators Alliance, Inc
(083) ACT TEACHERS Act Teachers
(093) AVE Alliance of Volunteer Educators
(100) MANILA TEACHERS Manila Teachers Savings and Loan Association, Inc
(108) ABAKADA Abakada Guro
(131) A TEACHER Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action Cooperation and Harmony Towards Educational Reform


Electric Cooperatives and Electricity Consumers

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(006) KONTRA BROWNOUT PARTYLIST National Association for Electricity Consumers for Reforms, Inc
(024) APEC Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives
(035) MURANG KURYENTE Murang Kuryente Partylist
(110) MARVELOUS TAYO Noble Advancement of Marvelous People of the Philippines, Inc
(151) RECOBODA Rural Electronic Consumers and Beneficiaries of Development and Advancement, Inc
(172) PHILRECA Philippine Rural Electronic Cooperatives Association, Inc



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(021) LUNTIAN Luntiang Pilipinas Partylist
(127) AWAKE Awareness of Keepers of the Environment, Inc


Farmers and Fisherfolk

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(003) MAGSASAKA Magkakasama sa Sakahan, Kaunlaran
(039) 1-LAMBAT Isang Lapian ng Mangingisda at Bayan Tungo sa Kaunlaran
(046) ALL-FISH Alliance of Philippine Fishing Federations, Inc
(063) KOOP-KAMPI Kooperatiba-Kapisanan ng Magsasaka ng Pilipinas
(072) KAMAIS Kamais Pilipinas (Kapatirang Nagmamais ng Pilipinas, Inc)
(076) ABONO Abono
(105) KMM Kaisahan ng mga Maliliit na Magsasaka
(112) AAMBIS-OWA Ang Asosasyon Sang Mangunguma Nga Bisaya-Owa Mangunguma, Inc
(114) AGRI Agri-Agra na Reporma Para sa Magsasaka ng Pilipinas Movement
(115) AGAP Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines
(142) COOP-NATCCO Cooperative Natcco Network
(158) BUTIL Butil Farmers Party
(180) GRECON Grains Retailers’ Confederation of the Philippines (Grecon) Inc



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(047) ANAKALUSUGAN Alagaan Natin Ating Kalusugan
(074) MATA Ang Mata’y Alagaan
(134) 1-AHAPO One Advocacy for Health, Progress, and Opportunity


Indigenous Peoples

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(009) KUSUG TAUSUG Kusug Tausug
(058) ANAC-IP Ang National Coalition of Indigenous People Action Na! Inc
(073) ALIF Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino
(097) TRICAP Tribal Communities Association of the Philippines


Internet Connectivity

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(117) FICTAP Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Associations of the Philippines


Laborers and Professionals

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(012) ANG NARS Ang Nars, Inc
(016) CWS Construction Workers’ Solidarity
(036) ANGKLA Angkla: Ang Partido ng mga Pilipinong Marino, Inc
(052) ABS Arts Business and Science Professionals
(055) PM Partido Manggagawa
(080) MARINO Marino Samahan ng mga Seaman, Inc
(095) AASENSO Ating Agapay Sentrong Samahan ng mga Obrero, Inc
(121) SAMAKO Sandigan ng mga Manggagawa sa Konstruksiyon
(166) TUCP Trade Union Congress Party
(171) DIWA Democratic Independent Workers’ Association


Multi-sectoral Groups

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(002) KABAYAN Kabalikat ng Mamamayan
(033) CIBAC Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption
(053) BH (BAGONG HENERASYON) Bagong Henerasyon
(059) SINAG Sinag Tungo sa Kaunlaran
(082) TAO MUNA Ang Tao Muna at Bayan
(104) CONSLA Confederation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations, Inc
(122) 1PACMAN One Patriotic Coalition of Marginalized Nationals
(163) ABANG LINGKOD Abang Lingkod, Inc


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(007) OFW FAMILY OFW Family Club, Inc
(010) GLOBAL Global Workers and Family Federation, Inc
(027) AMEPA OFW AMEPA OFW Access Center, Inc
(116) ACTS-OFW Acts Overseas Filipino Workers Coalition of Organizations


Poverty Reduction/Urban and Rural Concerns

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(029) BAHAY Bahay Para sa Pamilyang Pilipino, Inc
(044) SULONG DIGNIDAD Sulong Dignidad Party
(048) TGP Talino at Galing ng Pinoy
(054) ANG PROBINSYANO Alyansa ng mga Mamamayang Probinsyano
(091) PROBINSYANO AKO Probinsyano Ako
(096) ALONA Alliance of Organizations, Networks and Associations of the Philippines
(098) BANAT Barangay Natin
(109) KALINGA Kalinga-Advocacy for Social Empowerment and Nation-Building Through Easing Poverty, Inc
(132) GP Galing sa Puso Party
(137) YACAP You Against Corruption and Poverty
(139) ANUPA Alliance of National Urban Poor Organization Assembly, Inc
(148) AANGAT TAYO Aangat Tayo
(155) ITO ANG TAMA Tanggol Maralita
(170) SAGIP Social Amelioration and Genuine Intervention on Poverty
(173) 1P One Philippines


Public Safety and Security (includes soldiers’ groups)

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(018) RAM Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa
(060) PATROL Public Safety Alliance for Transformation and Rule of Law, Inc
(078) AKO Ako Ayoko sa Bawal na Droga
(084) PEOPLE’S CHAMP People’s Champ Guardians
(101) ACT-CIS Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support, Inc
(138) MAGDALO Magdalo Para sa Pilipino
(143) MAYPAGASA Kilusang Maypagasa
(176) LAANG KAWAL Laang Kawal ng Pilipinas


Regional Groups

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(022) AKO BISDAK Ako Bisdak-Bisayang Dako (AB-DB), Inc
(043) AN WARAY An Waray
(092) AKO BISAYA Ako Bisaya, Inc
(124) ABAMIN Abante Mindanao
(149) KABALIKAT Kabalikat ng Nagkakaisang Manileño
(153) AMIN Anak Mindanao
(164) AGBIAG! Agbiag Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc


Senior Citizens and Retirees

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(030) PRAI Philippine National Police Retirees Association, Inc
(130) SENIOR CITIZENS Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens in the Philippines, Inc


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Consumer Rights

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(067) SBP Serbisyo sa Bayan Party
(075) LPGMA LPG Marketers Association, Inc
(086) ALAY BUHAY Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation, Inc
(103) APPEND Append Inc
(113) TINDERONG PINOY Tinderong Pinoy Party
(136) ANG KABUHAYAN Ang Kabuhayan
(140) 1-CARE 1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy, Inc
(144) ATING KOOP Adhikaing Tinaguyod ng Kooperatiba
(147) ALENG ENTREP Association of Lady Entrepreneurs



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(026) PBA Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(169) WOW PILIPINAS Wow Pilipinas Movement



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(008) 1-UTAK 1-United Transport Koalisyon
(020) DUMPER PTDA Dumper Philippines Taxi Drivers Association, Inc
(133) 1-APTO Allaince of Public Transport Organization, Inc
(156) UTAP BICOL One Unified Transport Alliance of the Philippines-Bicol Region



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(037) GABRIELA Gabriela Women’s Party
(069) INANG MAHAL Ina na Nagmamahal sa Anak



Name on Ballot Party List Name
(042) KABATAAN Kabataan Party-List
(157) DUTERTE YOUTH Duty to Energize the Republic Through Enlightenment of the Youth Sectoral Party-List Organization
(Duterte Youth Sectoral Party-List Organization)


Others (mostly nationalistic groups)

Name on Ballot Party List Name
(031) JUAN MOVEMENT Joint Union of Active Nationalist Filipino Movement
(032) BUKLOD FILIPINO Pinagbuklod na Filipino Para sa Bayan
(068) PPP Pilipinas Para sa Pinoy
(079) ABANTE PILIPINAS Avid Builders of Active Nation’s Citizenry Towards Empowered Philippines
(177) 1AAAP 1 Alliance Advocating Autonomy Party

Michael Bueza

Michael is a data curator under Rappler's Tech Team. He works on data about elections, governance, and the budget. He also follows the Philippine pro wrestling scene and the WWE. Michael is also part of the Laffler Talk podcast trio.