LIST: Where are drug treatment and rehab centers in the Philippines?

REHABILITATION CENTERS. Inside residential drug treatment and rehabilitation centers in Davao City and Quezon City.

MANILA, Philippines – It is never too late to turn one's back against illegal substance abuse. 

As President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs intensifies, thousands of drug personalities are turning themselves in.

As of Tuesday, September 13, 710,961 individuals have voluntarily surrendered under the Philippine National Police’s Project TokHang. Of this number, 52,744 are drug pushers while an overwhelming 658,217 have admitted to being drug users.

Ideally, according to the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), a drug user has to go through the Drug Dependency Examination (DDE) conducted by an accredited physician. The exam determines the level of a person's drug use:  (1) experimenter, (2) social recreational user, (3) habitual user, (4) drug abuser, and (5) drug dependent. (READ: War on drugs: Rehabilitation must be more than a knee-jerk reaction)

Those who are determined to be under levels 1 to 3 can be treated in out-patient centers where they can undergo counseling while individuals found to be on the 4th and 5th levels have to be admitted in residential treatment and rehabilitation centers.

Each of these centers implement their own rehabilitation program based on their own modalities. (READ: What's a day inside a private drug rehab center?)


A list from DDB shows that as of July 2016, there are 50 drug treatment and rehabilitation centers across the Philippines: 47 are residential while 3 are out-patient centers:

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