Rodrigo Duterte

WATCH: How does Duterte compare with other world leaders’ crisis messaging?

The prime ministers of Singapore, New Zealand, and Norway communicate calmly and from a point of view of solidarity
WritingMichelle Abad
EditingJaene Zaplan

During the coronavirus pandemic, citizens of the world are looking to their leaders for clarity.

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly addressed the nation late at night, or through recorded speeches aired early morning.

Rappler earlier found that the President’s speeches are mostly musings about the virus, with not much information on the science of it. (READ: 56,000 words on the virus: Duterte’s crisis messaging all bluster, little science)

How does he compare with his counterparts? Rappler takes a look at the messaging of Lee Hsien Loong, Jacinda Ardern, and Erna Solberg – prime ministers of Singapore, New Zealand, and Norway respectively, and how their approaches are calmly communicated from a solidarity point of view. –