[PODCAST] Law of Duterte Land: Policies beyond body count of Duterte's drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war has gripped international headlines because of seeming made-for-movies tales of deaths that put the Philippine police under intense scrutiny.

Behind this dramatic narrative are the boring policies – circulars and court decisions that made silent ripples in the legal behind-the-scenes of this campaign.

We take a look at the deluge of drug cases filed that have overwhelmed already clogged dockets.

We discuss the struggle of prosecutors to win these cases.

We discuss about the Supreme Court which has had to confront policy questions about the war on drugs, from plea bargaining, to search and seizures, to handling of evidence.

Policy talk is boring, but it gives you a glimpse of a system that may be breaking down.

Just recently, the Department of Justice created a review panel that sought to investigate gaps in the system that resulted in the lack of criminal prosecution for cops involved in 5,655 deaths in police drug war operations. (PODCAST: Law of Duterte Land: Can we trust the gov't panel probing drug war deaths?)

Policy issues are what international investigators are also looking at to answer this question: Is the Philippine government doing enough to stop the abuses and fix the system?

Or is it time to step in and prosecute President Rodrigo Duterte?

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