[PODCAST] Making Space: Married at 14

In some parts of the Philippines, girls as young as 12 get married.

In this first episode of Making Space, we talk to reporter Mara Cepeda, who went to Marawi City for a story on child brides, a phenomenon that is very much prevalent in Muslim and indigenous communities in the Philippines. (WATCH: 'My 14-year-old daughter married a stranger')

She tells us about 14-year-old Fatima, who has been married for a year now, and is expecting her first child soon. (READ: Too young to marry)

As a new year begins, we also talk about what lawmakers, women's and children's rights advocates, and experts are doing about this and what we can do ourselves to address the situation.

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This episode is part of our year-opener series called CHAMPIONING THE CHILD 2020. Listen to other talks in the series on Making Space, Rappler’s podcast on gender, health, education, and everything in between: 

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