[PODCAST] China's new Coast Guard law and Duterte

China's new law authorizing its Coast Guard to fire upon any foreign vessel in waters that it claims is a "threat to the international legal order" and one that all countries must aggressively challenge, says former Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio in this new episode of Seat of Power, Rappler's podcast about the Philippine presidency.

Carpio tells Rappler reporter Pia Ranada what steps Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte can take to challenge this law and protect Filipinos who could be harmed by it – fishermen, Coast Guard and Navy personnel, survey ships exploring for oil.

Carpio also says China's latest move proves its bad faith in crafting a code of conduct for South China Sea claimants. As for Duterte's China policy, the retired magistrate says Beijing's new measure proves it was a "total dismal, abject failure." – Rappler.com