[PODCAST] Seat of Power: Rodolfo Biazon on what the President should keep to himself

Throughout his presidency, Rodrigo Duterte has tested the limits of diplomacy every time he makes candid, off-the-cuff remarks on sensitive issues like the West Philippine Sea and China's maritime aggression.

Former senator and former military chief Rodolfo Biazon thinks the "confusion" that arises from these moments of presidential candor is dangerous.

In this episode of Seat of Power, Rappler reporter Pia Ranada asks Biazon what impacts of Duterte's contradictory or vague utterances on security policies could be.

Hague ruling should be thrown in the trash? "Jet-skiing to Spratlys" just a joke? China "in possession" of the West Philippine Sea?

"A commander-in-chief who says things in public then long after, retracts it, says he is joking. Wait a minute, we have a problem there. The commander-in-chief must be very, very clear what he says in public," says Biazon.

To finally clarify to Filipinos, Philippine allies abroad, and even China if those personal utterances are foreign policy, Biazon suggests Duterte convene the National Security Council, a group that includes past presidents, the Vice President, and leading lawmakers.

"If you are President of the Republic, your pronouncements should be a product of a well-studied approach," said Biazon.

Listen to Biazon's insights in this episode.

– Rappler.com