• Cast of Characters
  • It takes government officials and private individuals with a criminal mind to successfully conspire to divert billions of pesos in public funds to personal pockets. It also takes 3 strong-willed women and whistleblowers to expose their misdeeds.


Janet Lim Napoles' husband, daughter, and brother partake of the family riches allegedly sourced from pork barrel.


Insiders and witnesses set up operations that systematically divert public funds to private pockets.


At least 3 senators and people linked to them are accused of dipping their fingers into public funds.

The Furies

Three feisty women unearth astounding irregularities that involve lawmakers and huge sums of development funds.


Government departments and corporations are conduits that supposedly transferred funds to fake non-governmental organizations linked to Janet Napoles.

House of Representatives

They come from Luzon, the Visayas, Mindanao. Like their counterparts in the Senate, they too stand accused of collecting kickbacks from public funds.