2022 Philippine Elections

Campaign Convos: How candidates projected power in their proclamation rallies

Campaign Convos: How candidates projected power in their proclamation rallies
In this episode, campaign reporters assess how well their candidates' campaign kick-off events projected strength and branding

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler campaign reporters get together virtually to talk about major events that mark the start of the 2022 campaign period – the proclamation rallies of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

This Campaign Convos episode will discuss how candidates managed to use their proclamation rallies to project strength by gathering their political allies and even friends in showbiz. Proclamation rallies are where politics and entertainment collide. Dancing politicians? Check. Campaign jingles performed by artistas? Check. Lights, camera, speech!

Reporters will also talk about how they try to keep a critical eye while covering proclamation rallies. How do you not lose that journalists’ judgement in an event designed to promote a politician’s strengths and hide their weaknesses? How to stay critical when surrounded by allies and staff of a candidate?

Campaign Convos is a weekly talkshow and podcast featuring kuwentuhan, analysis, and inside information, straight from both the physical and virtual campaign trail. It’s hosted by reporters Jairo Bolledo, Lian Buan, Mara Cepeda, Bea Cupin, Pia Ranada, Aika Rey, and Rambo Talabong.

The podcast version can be found on Spotify. It features a second segment called, “And I Quote,” brief excerpts of interviews by reporters with campaign personalities and insiders.

Make Campaign Convos part of your weekly ritual until election day!

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