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In The Public Square: AI smart or AI stupid?
In The Public Square: AI smart or AI stupid?
Isn’t AI supposed to be smart? Watch this episode as two experts in the AI field weigh in.

MANILA, Philippines – At the 2024 International Media Conference, much of the discussion revolved around generative artificial intelligence. But the tone of discussion has changed greatly from the conversations a year ago. One of the quotable quotes from the first day of the conference was a statement from the Filipino journalist Jaemark Tordecilla: “The more you use AI, the more you realize how stupid it is.”

Isn’t AI supposed to be smart? What is AI, and what is it really for anyway?

In this episode of In The Public Square, Rappler columnist and editorial consultant John Nery is joined by Irene Jay Liu, regional director for Asia and the Pacific of the International Fund for Public Interest Media; and Nikki Usher, assistant professor of communications at the University of San Diego.

Watch the episode on Wednesday, July 3, at 8 pm. – 

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