In The Public Square: The challenge of covering China
In The Public Square: The challenge of covering China
How should journalists understand China's ever-more-aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea?

MANILA, Philippines – At the 2024 International Media Conference, the focus has been on crucial issues related to the future of  journalism. One much-anticipated session is devoted to the challenge of covering China for the international media.

How should the media report on China? And how should journalists understand its ever-more-aggressive actions in the South China Sea and in the West Philippine Sea?

In this episode of In The Public Square, Rappler columnist and editorial consultant John Nery is joined by Matthias Kamp, the China correspondent of the Swiss daily Neue Zurcher Zeitung. Kamp has extensive experience reporting on Asia since the late 1990s, having been based previously in Singapore, and now since 2021 back in Beijing.

Watch the episode on Wednesday, June 26, at 8 pm. – 

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