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Rappler Talk: Is history like tsismis?
Rappler Talk: Is history like tsismis?
King of Talk Boy Abunda and historian and professor Xiao Chua weigh in on the issue

MANILA, Philippines – History is “like tsismis” (gossip).

That was the controversial statement made by actress Ella Cruz that sparked conversations online, with entertainment personalities, celebrities, and historians weighing in on the role of history in truth-telling.

In this episode of Rappler Talk, celebrity talk show host Boy Abunda and historian and De La Salle University professor Xiao Chua sit down with Rappler head of community Jules Guiang to discuss how tsismis intersects with history and why people think they can be one and the same. They also tackle how we should see and understand history as Filipinos.

As a treat to viewers, Abunda and Chua also engage in a fun rundown – a la fast talk – of historical events and the gossip or fact that surround these.

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