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WATCH: Quezon City launches transgender health program
WATCH: Quezon City launches transgender health program
Transgender individuals sometimes fear medically transitioning because of lack of available healthcare services. Quezon City rolls out a program to change that.

MANILA, Philippines – Eighteen-year-old Lia Florendo recalls growing up being accepted as gay, but still feeling like something wasn’t right. She realized that she was not gay, but a trans woman.

Many young trans women like Lia hope to transition safely, but fear the health risks if unguided. The Quezon City local government on Monday, June 10, launched the Strategic Trans Health Access to Resources and Services or QC STARS program, which aims to bring free health services to transgender individuals in the city.

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Reporter: Michelle Abad
Production specialist: Errol Almario
Editor: JP San Pedro
Producer: Cara Angeline Oliver
Supervising producer: Beth Frondoso

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