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[WATCH] On ‘appropriateness’ of Cebu’s viral Sinulog TikTok dance trend

John Sitchon
[WATCH] On ‘appropriateness’ of Cebu’s viral Sinulog TikTok dance trend
Is it okay to add new moves to Cebu's traditional Sinulog ritual dance? An Augustinian friar thinks we should think twice before hitting record

CEBU, Philippines – As the celebration of the 459th Fiesta Señor and the Sinulog sa Sugbo Philippines 2024 commences, some Cebuanos are looking to “spice up” the famous Sinulog ritual dance on TikTok by adding new moves and not many are happy about it.

Some netizens say it is disrespectful to the tradition and others think that it’s just the younger generation, specifically Gen Z’s, expressing their love and faith to the Santo Niño (Child Jesus).

Historically, the Sinulog dance originated from Baladhay, Rajah Humabon’s adviser, who was fond dancing and shouting after being cured of his illness, a remedy he attributes to the image of the Child Jesus.

The late Sinulog Foundation Project Director Dolores Suzara revealed in the “KABILIN” documentary series that these dances were made into a tradition performed by candle vendors outside of the churches every Fiesta Señor.

These dances are considered “petitions” or offerings made by devotees to the Holy Child.

With this in mind, Father John Ion Miranda, the secretariat of the Fiesta Señor celebration, said during a media forum on Tuesday, January 9, that people should be mindful of their actions and the appropriateness of the online trends that they join.

“We cannot forget the historicity and the context that the dance has been made a tradition…Let us remember the appropriateness of our actions as we celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ,” Miranda said.

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