CBCP: Catholic medics can refuse to issue contraceptives

Jul 10, 2014 - 8:12 PM

The bishops are set to organize seminars in their dioceses to inform government health workers of the law s provisions

Next in RH battle: Full implementation by DOH, LGUs

Apr 18, 2014 - 5:00 PM

Advocates say the decade long wait allowed for the mobilization of the public – the strongest method to ensure implementation

Netizens happy, skeptical after SC RH decision

Apr 08, 2014 - 4:56 PM

The RH law has been declared constitutional save for a few key provisions How are netizens taking the news?

An open letter to the Bishops of CBCP

Mar 28, 2014 - 8:54 PM

Unite with us in trying to reduce if not eliminate poverty

SC ends RH law arguments

Aug 27, 2013 - 9:23 PM

The Supreme Court ends hearing oral arguments for and against the Reproductive Health law What happens next?

[DASH OF SAS] Sex education is good manners and right conduct

Aug 07, 2013 - 8:00 AM

Sexuality education is like biology with life lessons about relationships equality and non discrimination

RH law showdown moves to SC

Jul 08, 2013 - 11:26 PM

Critics of the reproductive health law will try to persuade justices that the law is unconstitutional

Team Patay, Team Buhay: Unconscionable

Feb 25, 2013 - 7:03 AM

Putting posters up about conscience in the context of a particular vote for or against people trivializes the moral authority of the Church

RH law: The long and rough road

Dec 30, 2012 - 5:53 PM

The RH law is a culmination of the hard work of a battalion of RH advocates inside and outside Congress and a President who stepped up to complete the job

Rappler Newscast | December 18, 2012

Dec 18, 2012 - 8:53 PM

President Aquino creates the Transition Commission to write the Bangsamoro Basic Law | The government’s disaster bureau wants 2013 elections postponed in areas devastated by typhoon Pablo | The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines blames the approval of the RH bill on Palace intervention

Rappler Newscast | December 17, 2012

Dec 17, 2012 - 8:46 PM

The controversial RH Bill passes the Senate and the House on third and final reading | Senator Tito Sotto is outvoted and the phrase “safe and satisfying sex” remains in the Senate version of the RH bill | Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle warns the RH bill will have a negative impact on Filipino culture and mentality

Anti-RH solons push for Wednesday vote

Dec 06, 2012 - 4:41 PM

Lawmakers opposed to the RH bill are prepared to put the bill to a vote but not without finishing their proposed amendments up to the very last page

Rappler Newscast | November 29, 2012

Nov 29, 2012 - 8:50 PM

The Senate approves the 2 trillion peso budget for 2013 The Commission on Elections allows 79 party list groups to run in the 2013 polls Senate President Enrile says he will vote against the Reproductive Health bill even if the Senate accepts his amendments

'RH bill harms women, the unborn'

Aug 14, 2012 - 9:10 AM

Sotto: Given the harmful effects to women are we going to spend billions to purchase contraceptives for the sake of the RH bill?

Llamas: Contraception is not corruption

Aug 05, 2012 - 3:56 PM

The presidential adviser says the claim by the Catholic Church rosses the line into impropriety

Lagman: Stop spreading lies against RH bill

Aug 05, 2012 - 3:04 PM

Albay Rep Edcel Lagman calls on church officials and their supporters to stop spreading lies against the RH bill

RH bill 'culture': danger or power?

Aug 05, 2012 - 9:00 AM

The Manila archbishop voices fear about the culture to be promoted by the Reproductive Health bill but netizens dispel his message

Catholics clash over controversial RH bill

Aug 04, 2012 - 2:00 PM

While Catholics converge at Edsa Shrine to condemn the Reproductive Health bill other church members support the bill citing Catholic teachings