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PAY YOURSELF FIRST. You'll keep seeing a rainbow even when it rains

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INSIDE YOUR HEAD. No matter how much potential one can hold inside, if you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s not

What is beauty? Says who?

May 25, 2013 - 8:31 AM

When we allow other people to define what is beautiful we fail to express and accept our own individuality

DEFINING BEAUTY. Only you can define what is beautiful for you, says the author. Image from Estee Lauder Facebook page

Love your pace, love your life

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Be happy where you are with what you have and take active steps to reach what you want to accomplish in your life

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MORNING 'ME' TIME. If playing the guitar in the morning relaxes you and prepares your mind for the day ahead, do it! Screen grab from YouTube (EsquireMag)

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Want to change your life this year successfully? Follow these easy steps

HOPE FOR 2013. The beauty of life is that it allows us endless metamorphoses. Change your reality by beginning with your beliefs. Photo by Kai Magsanoc