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House approves tax amnesty bill

Nov 20, 2018 - 6:35 PM

With approval from both houses of Congress, the tax amnesty bill will now go to the bicameral conference committee

APPROVED. The House approves the tax amnesty bill on November 20, 2018.

Senate approves tax amnesty bill on final reading

Nov 19, 2018 - 7:10 PM

If passed into law, the bill would grant amnesty on all unpaid internal revenue taxes, including estate, value-added, and excise taxes, in 2017 and previous years

Indonesia introduces tax amnesty to boost economy

Jun 28, 2016 - 4:51 PM

The government believes the amnesty can bring in 165 trillion rupiah 12 4 billion of additional revenue this year by offering low rates to those who come forward to declare untaxed wealth