Considerata VI

Maria Isabel Garcia
Considerata VI
[Science Solitaire] 'Deserve your privileged dash of spacetime. / You have it, for now.'

Go! To spaces that seduce you
But also to facets you are blind to
They will illuminate reflections of yourself you have not seen
but have to face.

 Under the shade of a rose, away from the glare of fireworks and trumpets
Love-forged labor persists and supremely inspires
Creating and re-creating imaginative farms, avant-garde spires and choirs.

 Avoid people who insist on only one truth.
They will hold on to it with the fervor of a thousand suns
even if it burns even their truth and all, leaving none.

 If you compare yourself with others,
Remember we all are simply life’s new swaggers from recycled atoms
Some atoms from givers, some from murderers.

But what you make now out of the heaps of atoms that you are is at the core of your own matter.

The digital bang makes us burst with the possibilities of a million lives.
But each of our lives will still end. So while you are here, do you navigate the immense social sea
or dive and capture choice reservoirs
to help you to simply be?

Even without goals, chase the work you love, with the combustion of your bluest fires.
They will forge your life raft.
But bend in a deep bow with hands clasped
to those who do the impossible, doing work no one loves.

Recognize shams and hoaxes, real or virtual; they still all aim for your one soul.
Words, we now know, unleash hooks and spikes in your mind’s holes
That could shatter the mighty bones of our soundless souls.

But cultivate the wonder to mine the treasures of the here and now.
The sizzling bite of chili or the umami of a tomato slice comes
from the primordial ingredient of light from our one Sun.
A flash of magnificence resides in all – sand, thimbles, quasars and creamy buns.

Be yourself, across time.
Loving, learning and thanking with the vigor of a swirling cosmic cluster.
Unleashing powers that birth new orbits, fresh days, for you and others.

If you’re going to stop time
Make sure you know time’s asking price.
And if your life and love could afford this foolish heist.

Reconsider what makes a son, daughter, mother or father
and realize how many more you have, far beyond your DNA cluster.
Recognize the birthright of other life shapes that atoms take –
dogs, anemones, beetles, and ferns.

Give room for new ideas and for this blue planet’s sake, shed shoddy ones.
Understanding tames the wretched beasts in your head as well as those in forests and oceans.

Point others to a higher plank from where to view life
so that they can see farther than the horizons of your old world’s strife.

“Why” is still the most powerful weapon to strip the clothes of emperors of creeds or states.
We are all optimally built to utter “why?”

Despite your many coded selves, you are a part of a real cosmic event.
The Earth circularly swipes the solar system which bobs in the Milky Way Galaxy every 250 million years!

You punctuate a dash of that journey as you breathe, weep, smile or break.

Deserve your privileged dash of spacetime.
You have it, for now.
Whether or not you care about Einstein, gravity or conspiring ions
This universe we all share saw you come from its own atoms
and will see you splinter again into atoms.

Atoms to atoms.

Find peace with your own humanity
however your genetic tree or your own choices drew it to be.

But let it grow.
The unspeakable wounds we reliably give each other in calendar rhythms
Could not be all that we could cast from this sapien being’s prism.

And as we gaze at Armstrong’s – Louie’s or Neil’s – dark sacred night or the blessed blue sky,
we lock eyes with a universe that holds us all – colliding galaxies, bickering sweethearts,
language-tooled creatures, skilled in the finest of arts.

Your gaze and wonderment has the universe looking at a mirror.

We have this window now as midnight kisses “ago” goodbye.
Wounds are now giving way to scars and memories start to hide like fading dye.
The universe is within. The universe is without.
It moves. It expands.
Awaken and let your soul feast
on this dawnbreak start.

Happy New Year.

❆ ❆ ❆

This is called Considerata VI because this is my 6th version through the years of writing a New Year’s science column. It is inspired by Desiderata which you have to be a loyalist of Darth Vader not to like. For the previous versions, the links are

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