[Science Solitaire] Considerata III

Go where you want to be
And maybe try doing it without taking a selfie.

As often as possible, seek and befriend reason.
Even without laurels, bright flashes or after-life promises
There are people who do their life’s work of love and discovery passionately.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they have enough of each other to keep them busy.
If you compare yourself with others,
perhaps it is only to marvel at each other’s uniqueness – genetic or otherwise.
Your cells will divide about 50 times before things start to fade
Will you spend it cultivating your real-world circle of 5 to 150
or keep a digital kingdom of 1050?

Design the work you want and stamp it with your own 10,000 hours.
Besides sleep, your craft will cradle most of your waking hours.

Exercise caution in your affairs and in passing on stories,
What worked for one may not really work for another or for a number
But let this not blind you to the fact that nurture still triumphs over nature;
We can still save each other especially if we do not wait till later.

Be yourself.
Love and learn. Abundantly.
They unleash powers that are indescribably potent.
Then watch your world become better.

Gracefully ride time’s arrows
Dropping the single-minded chase after pure youth.
Science still bows powerless to time.
Each of life’s seasons holds moments worthy of life’s passing
Reach out. Now.

Beyond a wholesome attitude, love to question
It is the only thing that has kept us from remaining in the dark stretches of human history.
Allow yourself to fail; it is the least revealed secret of true success.

You are here and alive!
Deserve it. Inhabit your space. You have it, for now.
Whether or not you care about this thing called science,
the universe was here before you and it will be here long after you leave.
Find peace with your own humanity,
however worldly or transcendent it seems to be. But let it grow.
With all the blood and anger that many of our stories are punctuated with,
Those are still all eclipsed by a deeply beautiful universe that holds us all
aglow in astounding mystery.

❆ ❆ 

Happy holidays.

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(*Considerata and Considerata II by the same author have been previously published elsewhere.)