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Gameplan: Manila Urban Challenge

Aia Del Mundo
Gameplan: Manila Urban Challenge
Our hosts kick their urban adventure up a notch!

MANILA, Philippines – In the previous webisode, the Gameplan hosts were each sent off to try out some of the unconventional activities in Manila. Julian, Amanda, and Ton learned the basics of Mermaid swimming, dragonboat, and parkour respectively. But just getting a grip on the fundamentals wasn’t enough. Their coaches thought it would be a lot more fun to challenge them a little.

“To be a true mermaid one has to swim with grace, keep your eyes open, and just make sure that you’re really really pretty and long, and graceful,” Roxy Barrios of Mermaid Academy reminded Julian as he was about to do an underwater stunt. Julian’s challenge was to go underwater and retrieve the letters that would spell G-A-M-E-P-L-A-N.

“It was more challenging than I thought because just going back and forth was very tiring,” he said.

From one water sport to another, Jaime Mendejar of the Manila Dragons challenged Amanda to participate in a race for the full dragonboat experience. “The energy is so addicting,” Amanda said after helping her team win multiple times in a row. “I really love the vibe. It’s so competetive that my testosterone’s just ready to explode,” she added.

At the Ninja Academy, testosterone levels were also high as Coach Raven told Ton: “To be a real ninja you have to take on our gauntlet challenge and our salomon ladder challenge.” Ton easily finished the gauntlet challenge with a 35-second course time record.  Check out how many trials it took him to go up the salomon ladder.

But just when Julian, Ton, and Amanda thought that their challenges were over, they get a message saying:

“To really experience Manila, you have to be where it stands tall. Meet at 10 o’clock at the city within the walls.”

Find out their next urban adventure on the next webisode. – Rappler.com

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