Gameplan: What’s your life’s next great adventure?

Wyatt Ong
Gameplan: What’s your life’s next great adventure?
What's your GAMEPLAN for 2016?

MANILA, Philippines – “It’s not a job it’s an adventure!”  These were the words of a GAMEPLAN producer when the show was on TV sometime in the late 90’s.  Today the GAMEPLAN team says the same thing.  

One time, we found ourselves crossing a river at night trying to catch shrimp for dinner. We were all barefoot and the rocks were very slippery. A mix of laughter and curses were flying around the forest. Another time, we trekked up to Buscalan in Kalinga to meet the legendary Whang-Od. It was a pretty manageable trek, but probably not when you’ve been shooting the whole day on an empty stomach, and looking over the cliff beside you just makes you feel like fainting. And how can we forget the time we cramped all fifteen crew members and hosts in one small room because that’s all the space we had. Our sleeping bags were laid so close to each other we can smell each other’s breaths. 

We’ve climbed the mountains of Kalinga , dove in protected waters of Danjugan Island, explored the streets of Pampanga, camped out in Subic, and jumped off a cliff in Cavite.  We experienced long car rides, hot days under the sun, scary night time jungle adventures, had great food or no food, and met passionate people. Wherever we went and whatever we did, one thing remained the same: we were moved. The people, the places, and the experiences inspired us to tell these stories so that you can be moved too. 

So what does 2016 have to offer you? Where will you get lost? What will you find?  

What’s your life’s next great adventure? What’s your GAMEPLAN? –

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