LeBron’s Halloween party featured Curry dummy, mocks blown 3-1 lead

Ryan Songalia
LeBron’s Halloween party featured Curry dummy, mocks blown 3-1 lead


LeBron James' Halloween party reportedly featured 50 shades of savagery

MANILA, Philippines – Many sports fans can agree that, as an SBNation headline today reads, that pro sports needs more rivalries like the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In an era marked by so-called buddy ball, LeBron James is doing his best to keep savagery alive.

The Cavs’ superstar held a Halloween party earlier this year which featured tombstone cookies with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry’s names on them (with the years 2015-2016 on them to represent their failed back-to-back championship bid) and a drum skin which mocked how the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in last season’s finals.

We knew all that already. What we didn’t know, until ESPN’s illuminating piece after the two teams met on Christmas Day, was that James’ party featured a dummy of Stephen Curry which partygoers had to walk over to get inside.

“Sources told ESPN.com there was even a dummy dressed up like Curry on the floor of the haunted house that guests had no choice but to walk over when they arrived to get to the party,” reads the piece.

In their most recent meeting, Cavs beat the Warriors 109-108 after Kyrie Irving hit a turnaround jumper with 3.4 seconds to play. The league admitted on Monday, December 26 (Tuesday Manila time) that a foul should’ve been called when Kevin Durant of the Warriors tripped over Cavs player Richard Jefferson on the final possession, adding controversy to their already heated rivalry.

If you haven’t yet, circle January 16 for their second and final regular season meeting. It should be something to watch. – Rappler.com

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