UFC fighter asks about Ronda Rousey after knocking out her boyfriend

Ryan Songalia
UFC fighter asks about Ronda Rousey after knocking out her boyfriend
After knocking out Travis Browne, UFC fighter Derrick Lewis mocks him for domestic abuse allegations and asks where Ronda Rousey is at

MANILA, Philippines – What could be worse than getting knocked out? Having the guy who knocked you out flirt with your girlfriend too.

That’s what happened to Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 105 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on Sunday, February 19, as Derrick Lewis added insult to (considerable) injury after scoring a vicious second round knockout in their heavyweight fight. Lewis dropped Browne flat on his back and proceeded to land multiple unanswered punches on his downed opponent before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Lewis, the UFC’s number 6 contender in the heavyweight division, then took shots at Browne for accusations of domestic violence levied against him by his ex-wife Jenna Renee Webb, while making overtures at Browne’s current love interest Ronda Rousey.

“He call himself a man, but he likes to put his hands on women. So forget that guy. I got much more heart than he has. Where’s Ronda Rousey’s fine ass at?”

Webb, a fitness model, had made the accusations on her social media accounts, posting photos of bruises on her face and body that she claimed were inflicted by the 6-foot-7 Browne.

Webb also reacted to photos that surfaced in 2016 of Rousey wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring (while Browne was still married to Webb) and said on social media: “Is Ronda Rousey wearing a promise ring? As in ‘I promise not to hit you like my current wife’ ring?”

Browne addressed Lewis’ taunts leading up to the fight, calling them “very ignorant” to talk about and promising to make Lewis pay for it in the octagon.

“The great thing about this sport is you’re going to be held accountable for your words come fight night. I plan on doing so,” said Browne.

As you can see from the video below, Browne’s plan did not go the way he intended it to.


As for Webb, she spent the evening retweeting posts thanking Lewis for bringing attention to domestic abuse. – Rappler.com

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