Nico Salva gets bashing after tweet on ‘boring’ Azkals game
Ateneo basketball player Nico Salva irked football fans after he posted a tweet calling the football game between the Azkals and Singapore 'boring'

MANILA, Philippines – Ateneo basketball player Nico Salva learned the “think before you tweet” lesson the hard way.

After the Azkals’ 1-0 loss to Singapore on Wednesday, December 12 at the Suzuki Cup semifinals, the senior turned to Twitter to express his thoughts on the game.

Finally the boring football game on aktv is over. Now can u show the pba game already?,” he tweeted.

The tweet didn’t bode well with heartbroken football fans. Netizens turned to Twitter to respond to the comment, with most feeling that the tweet was uncalled for.

Others defended Salva.

Check out the tweets below:


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