They did what? Parents name baby ‘Asian Games’
They did what? Parents name baby ‘Asian Games’


The Indonesian parents draw inspiration from their country's rare hosting of the continental meet



MANILA, Philippines – Maybe Asiana would have sounded better?  Or maybe Asiad?

Well, these Indonesian parents obviously got so inspired by their country’s hosting of the 2018 Asian Games that they actually named their newborn baby girl “Asian Games.”

Indonesian media outlets reported that the baby was born in Palembang just hours before the opening ceremony on Saturday, August 18.

Yordania Denny, the 38-year-old father, said the decision to name their child after Asia’s Olympics was spontaneous since she wasn’t due until September.

Denny said he certainly wouldn’t mind if her daughter, whose full name is Adibah Asian Games, grows up to be an athlete.

“I hope this name will benefit my daughter in the future,” he said. “Because she has Asian Games in her name, if she has talent as an athlete, I will let her become an athlete.” 

The parents, who now have three children, drew inspiration from what they regard as an “historic” moment. 

“We already had a first name for her but didn’t have a last name,” Denny said, cradling the new arrival in his arms in the front room of their modest house in the north of the city. 

“Such an event is rare. It only happens every few years. And not to mention that it’s in Palembang — it’s rare for Palembang to host such an… event.” 

The city’s residents are fiercely proud to be in the international spotlight, with banners lining the streets and TV screens showing the sports live in many restaurants.

Many Indonesians have only one name and many, but not all, Indonesian children have their father’s surname as their first name.

The new parents remained coy when asked if they hoped the name would help turn their daughter into a future sporting star. 

“If she has the talent and motivation we will support and motivate her,” mum Vera said, although her husband hinted which sport he would prefer, saying that “Indonesia is good at badminton.”

They also said that they would allow Abidah Asian Games to change her name in the future if she does not have the same appreciation for the regional Olympic event.   

The August 18-September 2 Asian Games features 17,000 athletes and officials and is being held in the capital Jakarta and Palembang on Sumatra island. – With reports from Agence France-Presse

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