Quatro wins PWR Championship, ending 490-day Imabayashi era

Michael Bueza
Quatro wins PWR Championship, ending 490-day Imabayashi era
The Lightbringer outwrestles Ralph Imabayashi in a thrilling 2-out-of-3 Falls Match at Wrevolution X

MANILA, Philippines – Uno, dos, tres!

Quatro, “The Lightbringer” of Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) and 2019 Path of Gold winner, ended the 490-day reign of Ralph Imabayashi, becoming the new PWR Champion at Wrevolution X held Sunday, May 26, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Makati City. 


The 2-out-of-3 falls main event was nothing short of thrilling.

The “Best Pure Wrestler” got the first fall within the first minutes by catching Quatro off guard in a pinning combination. Then he made it difficult for the challenger to secure a pinfall by keeping him grounded and countering his moves.

Quatro persevered and hit a forceful sitting powerbomb on Imabayashi to get the second fall, over 20 minutes after the first one.


By this time, Imabayashi’s efforts to take down Quatro cost himself more, as it zapped his energy to even stand up. Not wanting the match to end that way, Quatro poured water on Imabayashi’s face.

Soon, Quatro charged into the champion with a spinning clothesline, but Imabayashi ducked and Quatro hit the referee instead. The YOLO Twins who were in Imabayashi’s corner rushed into the ring with the PWR title belt for Imabayashi to use against Quatro. In a shocking move, Imabayashi took out the twins instead, choosing to retain his title cleanly.

After a modified powerbomb on Quatro, Imabayashi thought he had the match in the bag, but it was only a two count. He then walked out with the belt, but his endgame would be denied by many of the challengers he had vanquished in the last 490 days.

One by one, at every exit possible, they blocked Imabayashi’s way: Rederick Mahaba, Bombay Suarez, Joey Bax (representing Miguel Rosales), Vlad Sinnsyk, Zayden Trudeau, Evan Carleaux, and Nina (subbing for Koto Hiro). 

With no way to go, Imabayashi was met by Quatro in the ring. One senketsu (Imabayashi’s own finisher), one side slam, and one Destino later, Quatro fulfilled his destiny of becoming the PWR Champion.


The crowd exploded with joy following Quatro’s win. Even a dejected Imabayashi couldn’t help but praise the new champion, even passing on his own monicker: “Quatro, you are the best pure wrestler in PWR.”

Despite the defeat, Imabayashi’s record-setting reign was monumental. Since winning the PWR Championship in January 2018 at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto, he has written multiple chapters in his book of title defenses. Day 490 was the last page of that book, and Quatro had the last word. 

New champions

Two other champions were also crowned at Wrevolution X, both in multi-person contests. 

The Kakaibros (Mh4rckie and Kh3ndrick) survived a WarGames-like “Bantay Salakay” Match to win the PWR Tag Team Championship. The duo bested former tag champions The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) and The Naughty Boys (Trian dela Torre and Evan Carleaux).

Love also invaded the three-way bout in the Kakaibros’ favor. Jhemherlhynn and Kh3ndrick teamed up to take out Yohann Ollores, who tried to convince the Naughty Boys’ intern to ditch Kh3ndrick.

For his part, Mh4rckie has decided to forever team up with his fiancée Sara when he proposed to her after winning the titles.


Wrevolution X was also a golden moment for Chino Guinto, after the Golden Boy reclaimed the Philippine Excellence (PHX) Championship in a triple threat match against defending champ John Sebastian and Vlad Sinnsyk.

Guinto’s first run with the PHX title in mid-2017 was cut short due to a knee injury.


Meanwhile, “The Man-Doll” Martivo retained the All Out War Championship via submission against ex-titleholder Dax Xaviera in an “All Out Warla” rematch.

Martivo will soon face Kapitan Tutan, who won a multi-person battle royal at the preshow. Tutan last eliminated Cali Nueva for the opportunity to face the All Out War Champion.



For some, Wrevolution X was not a cause for celebration.

Ken Warren teamed up with his former rival Chris Panzer to face Main Maxx and SANDATA of Mr. Sy’s Group of Talents (MSG). Looking for revenge against Mr. Sy, Warren and Panzer fashioned themselves as the hyper-energetic Gym Selfie Daddies.

However, near the end, as both men took care of MSG and looked to finish off Mr. Sy, Panzer suddenly superkicked his own partner Warren. Panzer then hit the Social Media Sinister with a Rainmaker, then placed Main Maxx on top of Warren to hand the win to MSG.


“That is your guarantee!” said Panzer as he stood tall in the middle of the ring with his new brethren in MSG, while he literally stepped on a laid-out Warren.

Former All Out War champion Alexander Belmonte III will also have hard days ahead.

AB3 teamed up with his Network cohorts James “Idol” Martinez and new downline Sam Baltazar from Baguio City to face The Endgame (Jan Evander, Super Vintendø, and The Apocalypse). 

Baltazar stepped in for Guinto, who at that point was about to challenge John Sebastian and Vlad Sinnsyk in a triple threat match for the PHX Title.

Baltazar would eventually be the reason for their team’s loss, as he was pinned after a Game Over powerbomb by the Endgame trio. As a result, Belmonte was forced to leave the Network and join the Endgame. 



But Wrevolution X is an event many triumphant PWR stars will remember.

“The Senyorito” Jake de Leon fought his heart out to remain in PWR after defeating resident kupal (jerk) Mike Madrigal via technical knockout in a match where JDL’s PWR career was on the line.


In JDL’s corner was PWR veteran Bombay Suarez, whom Madrigal attacked last month to send a message to De Leon.

“The Queen of Philippine Wrestling” Crystal also bested Singapore-based wrestler and reigning Championship Wrestling Entertainment Vixen’s Champion Alexis Lee in a very physical non-title match. 


Finally, at the Wrevolution X opener, punk rocker Robynn defeated “Ang Star ng PWR” Jhemherlhynn after an RKO-like maneuver from the middle turnbuckle.


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