WATCH: How to harness your inner samurai

Beatrice Go
Rappler Hustle gives you a glimpse of how you can train like a Japanese warrior

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever imagined becoming a real-life Japanese warrior straight out of an anime? 

In the third episode of Rappler Hustle’s Train Like A… series, we give you a glimpse of how you can get as skilled as a samurai and master the tradition of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu – the foundation of many Japanese martial arts with the use of a sword. 

Join Rappler’s Tristan Zinampan as he enters basic samurai training at Sugawara Sogo Budo Philippines, where you can learn from senseis who have been practicing the tradition for years. – 




Beatrice Go

More commonly known as Bee, Beatrice Go is a multimedia sports reporter for Rappler, who covers Philippine sports governance, national teams, football, and the UAAP. Stay tuned for her news and features on Philippine sports and videos like the Rappler Athlete’s Corner and Rappler Sports Timeout.